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Our Story

In 2017, Joseph Williams volunteered to be on lunchroom duty at his children’s school, the Beasley Academic Center. As he watched and learned more about the children, he became more involved both in the school and in children’s lives. “I realized that some of them didn't eat as much, and so I get them their seconds for lunch,” said Williams. “One day I just decided to go and read a book to my kids’ classroom.” The class liked the book so much that they wanted Williams to come back and read another one. And so he did. His reading sessions motivated other fathers to come in and begin reading books to children in schools. Eventually, Williams organized the fathers into the Mr. Dad’s Father’s Club, a nonprofit dedicated to providing positive male role models to children in schools in Chicago.

"A great display of what community working together looks like no matter where your from."  

Elaine Marthel

Founder of Project Impact 180

"I want to thank Joseph Williams Mr. Dad's Father's Club, for a incredible opportunity for community outreach & impact, to be a blessing to families.

Fernando Vincent

Director of Books Over Balls

"Omg we had so much fun at the Mr. Dad Father Club Pumpkin Patch today. This was another awesome event. Good Job"

April Bilal

Community Member

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